About Sigma-7 (Punch)

The Sigma-7(Punch) machine with the integrated hole punching, stacking, counting and unloading station is the ideal machine for high output production of coffee lids and nursery seeding pots. The machine is used for the manufacture of coffee lids and nursery seeding pots made of PS, PP, PET and others. It reduces the production costs with maximum output.

Motorized roll loading system up to 200kgs and Maximum roll width 800mm

Maximum roll Diameter 750mm

Automatic nip roll controlled by PLC and Automatic re-centering controlled by PLC

Even PET transparent sheet also sense by special sensor

Unwinding Station

Coffee cup lids are most challenge for all
thermoforming technology without
cutting offset,especially for PP material,

but not for us.

Tilt Thermoforming machine

At the state of the art, various types of thermoforming presses have already been proposed, which are equipped with mutually engage and disengage male and female moulds with mutual frontal opening-closing movement for the extraction of the thermoformed objects.

The robust design structure of machine allows for high speeds and highly precise starting positions are achieved through the digital control movements

The bottom tilting platform rotate a rotation of 75° permitting precise rapid ejection, which are then transported to the hole punching unit.

The patent pending tilting system uses a combination of servomotor driven crank and levers, based on an innovative electronic cam system.
This guarantees absolute precision and repeatability of the movement and a controlled distribution of forces both during the platform movement and in the cutting phases of the cycle.

The mould closing unit stands out by many innovative details and is based on a 5-point toggle lever mechanism allow maximum force up to 400KN.

The machine is equipped with a vacuum system activator on the bottom of the ejectors during the operation of convey of the pieces produced into the stacker channels.

Special design features with a positive influence on product quality are the highly precise linear guides under the moving mould platform.

A closed lubrication system of the sliding bearing, bushes, sealed bearing points of the toggle lever and guarantees a mould compartment free of lubricant.

The machine equipped with a latest generation, software technology that provides perfect management of all the cycle parameters and machine functions.

The G3 operator interface panels give you complete HMI functionality for PLCs, motor drives and other communications-capable devices.

Less sheet consumption

Actual movement of sheet transport is displayed

Adjustable indexing speed

adjustable acceleration

Easy Set-Up


The sheet Transport is effected by the Double-Link feed chains, furnished with ground pointed teeth, designed to “Prick” the sheet. In order to prevent the sheet becoming overheated, whilst in the “Pricking” area, this zone is provided with water cooled cover strips.
The “drive” is obtained from a Geared Servomotor directly mounted on input shaft. The setting of the length of the sheet feed is affected by PLC.


The pick and place robot unit is mounted directly behind the forming station to punch the holes in the lids. The articles are ejected by the mould directly on the mandrel of the robot. Vacuum keeps the articles on the mandrels of the index plate. Every cycle the index plate turns 90° counter clockwise.


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