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Sigma-6 launches its really all Servo Tilt machine for non-rotatable container under the brand name Sigma-6. At present covering clamping forces up to 400 kN, is the result of an entirely client oriented development.

The Sigma-6 tilt technology is a electronic conjugate cam mechanism which provides a rugged, high speed forming platform for a reliable and repeatable process.

The platform rotates 75 degrees is propound of the frame allowing for ease of product ejection into robot picking mechanism. High speed and high precision clamping mechanism

The toggle design and servomotor realize high speed and highly precise clamping. Their combined efforts bring about higher productivity of the running cycle.

Through the use of servo motor drives, operations such as mould opening closing and forming achieve superior performance while realizing excellent repeatability and stability.

Advanced Tilt Technology

From simple to complex we don't shy away from a challenge.


The axes concept

All axes are designed without compromise for the fully servo drive.

In the main the forces are transmitted through gears and lever mechanisms.

Each axis is closed loop controlled with high precision and can be activated entirely in parallel.

In our axis control system, the SIMOTION functions are directly integrated into the control module of the SINAMICS drive system.

The drive-based motion control system is that it makes the overall system significantly more compact and responsive.

Safe operation by ‘’motion control’’ synchronized by machine cycle speed. Robot collector by mandrel system as well as vacuum system.

Changeable collector plate according to different size moulds.Confident approach to mould by motion controlling system.Hygienic untouched stacking system.

Compact & Full Automatic Stacking Unit

Multi axis control built into the drive.

Sigma-6-8 Machine

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