Servo Master 6535

TMF Servo Master is an all Servo Thermoforming machine for forming applications. Though it incorporates an all electric toggle mechanism, it combines the power of hydraulics and speed of the pneumatics. This machine has been designed to deliver high acceleration, high force applications and long life .

Machine functions are controlled by 4-axis position controlled PLC operating system.Clamping forces range from 30 to 40 tonnes

Mould closing unit is based on a 5 point toggle lever mechanism with closed lubrication system.

Main drive servo motor comes with high speed emergency stop. It also has a mechanism to warn if the machine encounters a dangerous operating condition.
A servo motor with gear operates the toggle lever to offer platen speeds of more than 500mm /sec. This translates into fast and highly dynamic process movements and short dry cycle times.

Highly dynamic process movements

Gear operates the toggle lever to offer platen speeds of more than 500mm /sec.

Gear Box

Completely oil tight, dust proof to be installed in the open without a separate cover

Made of close grain cast iron and rugged in construction, the gear case is aesthetically designed. It is completely oil tight, dust proof and capable of being installed in the open without a separate cover. The faces and bores are accurately bored and machined on precision machines to ensure perfect alignment and interchangeability.

The un-winder unit is equipped with a limit switch to control the unreeling motor. The unreeling time can be adjusted by a PLC located in the control panel.

This Unit, driven by an adjustable friction clutch with AC geared motor, is synchronized with the Sheet Feed Movement.

Un-winder Unit & Scrap Reeling Unit

Transport System

Actual movement of sheet transport is displayed

Double linked feed chains with ground pointing teeth ensure movement of the sheet. The teeth provided on the feed chain prick the sheet during movement. Water cooled strips in the ‘pricking area’ prevent overheating of the sheet.

A Geared Servo Motor provides the drive for the movement of the sheet and a PLC controls the length of the sheet feed.

The heat tunnel is controlled by a DC1000 Series Digital Controller which provides precise PID control up to an accuracy of 10. The PID system allows the Operator to ‘soft zone’ the heat tunnel to check which heater is attached to which thermocouple. LCD display of the heat zone provides the Operator a clear view of the heat profile.

A high speed valve ensures supply and escape of forming air to the forming tool extremely fast. This feature helps maintain short cooling times and high productivity.

Heating Tunnel

  • Exact adjustment of the heat zone (≤ 10 C)

  • ATime for heating up to 4000 ≤ 5 minutes

  • Heater position can be adjusted easily to accommodate the mould area

  • Automatic reduction in temperature to save energy

Servo-Master Thermoformimng Machine

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