These high speed Thermoforming Machines are mechanically driven by cam and follower system. They are ideal for in-station forming and cutting of containers with flat or semi rolled (bent lip) edges. These machines use moulds with built-in punching dies that guarantee complete concentricity of forming and cutting. This ensures high outputs from moulds with small number of cavities.

Many innovative details have made the Mould Closing Unit unique. It is based on a cam follower mechanism.The mechanical drive guarantees repetition of forming and cutting cycles, with absolute accuracy of time, speed and quality. Indexing of plastic sheet is controlled by a toothed chain to minimize wastage.

Cam follower mechanism.

High precision linear guide.

Specially designed, high precision linear guide ways parallel to the moving mould pattern enhance the product quality.Ceramic heaters are controlled by PIC temperature controls. Lower heating bank with PP controls is also available. Reel holder with automatic unwinding and wastage rewind units are standard features.

Double-Cam Thermoformimng Machine

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